Divorce settlements and legal rankings: Our round-up of news for October 2022

If you missed what we’ve been sharing this month, here’s a round up of our blogs and some of the news posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

From our blog:

Why choose a Legal 500 or Chambers and Partners listed law firm


Our new article explains how the independent UK Legal 500 and Chambers and Partners legal directories help you choose the right legal team for your next family law matter or divorce.



Our Chambers UK Rankings for Family/Matrimonial 2023


The new Chambers UK 2023 edition is now live, and we are delighted that:

LGFL retains its position as a Band 2 firm in Reading and surrounds for Family/Matrimonial law.

Rita Gupta retains her individual ranking as Band 3

"Rita is tenacious and hardworking, putting her clients first and working to achieve the best result."

Anne increases her individual ranking to Band 2

"I cannot speak highly enough of Anne. She’s knowledgeable, rational, calm and collected.”

The 2023 Chambers reviews also highlight the:

“All of the support team members were supportive and effective.”


Anything to declare? The importance of full disclosure in divorce


The Goddard-Watts case shows the importance of full and frank disclosure of your financial information both at the start and during your divorce proceedings.




From our social media:

Father can arrange Covid vaccines for children after mother opposes, judge rules

The difficulties of joint parenting when vaccines come and go.


Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady announce divorce

The pair both posted statements on their Instagram stories confirming their separation.

"We arrived at this decision amicably and with gratitude for the time we spent together," Brady said.


Domestic abuse victims ‘at increased risk as they can’t afford to flee partners in cost crisis’

"‘Facing a cost of living crisis without adequate government support is nothing less than state-sanctioned economic abuse, aiding and abetting abusers to rob victims of their freedom,’ campaigner says"


My brother has left his wife – now I need to work harder on my marriage

Divorce can be catching, and if those around you are separating it makes me feel that I should be on my guard


Estranged couple arguing over how long they were married wait for judge’s ruling

One would hope they could agree on when the marriage ended.


Average age of brides and grooms in Northern Ireland increases by seven years

The Irish are taking their time to marry.


Why wandering albatrosses get divorced – new research

We're not the only species to divorce.


Divorcing couples can't afford to move out of marital homes

Another effect from the change in mortgage rates.


Italy's Posh and Becks go to war over Rolexes and handbags in 'Apocalyptic' break-up

An acrimonious split between Italy’s version of Posh and Becks has the country transfixed as the once golden couple engage in battle over designer handbags, Rolexes, shoes and new lovers


Eddie Murphy ‘agrees to pay Mel B extra $10,000 child support’ for 15-year-old daughter after singer’s income ‘dramatically reduced’

It is reported that Murphy will now pay $35,000 in monthly child support to Mel.

The pair dated for nine months in 2006.


Buya Turay: Sierra Leone's 'runaway groom' buoyed by Swedish return

"We took the pictures in advance. So it looks like I was there but I wasn't.“ So determined was Sierra Leone international Mohamed Buya Turay to make an impact with his new Swedish club that he missed his own wedding in July to join Malmo's pre-season training.


Unmarried parents urged to review parental responsibility laws following a rise in births by unmarried mums

“Given that unmarried couples do not have the same rights, this can lead to further difficulties, it is always best practice to seek legal support from an experienced family law team if there is any uncertainty surrounding the issues discussed.”


These are the UK towns with the most cheating partners

Be careful if you live in Guildford


Divorce applications reach decade high following introduction of no-fault law in England and Wales

"With divorce applications reaching a decade high some legal experts have suggested couples may put the brakes on their divorces, due to the rising cost-of-living."


The Walkaway Wife Syndrome, Revisited: Why some men don't change.

Exhausted by their many unsuccessful attempts to get their men to change, women were filing for divorce and leaving their marriages in droves. Plus, there were striking similarities in these marriages that ended in divorce.


Gender balance at Australia’s top court tips in favour of women for first time

Let's hear it for the girls in Law. The High Court judges in Australia now are 4:3 women to men!


Communication Tips for Divorce—Even If Communication Failed in Marriage

Communication holds marriages together. It's different when you divorce.


Top judge to lead review of issues connected to parental alienation cases

This comes after a high-profile case – which was reported in national news – saw a mother lose custody of her child after the count appointed an expert, Melanie Gill, who assessed the family’s dynamics and ordered the children to be permanently removed from their mother’s custody.


Wealthy journalist wins fight with estranged wife over length of marriage

“It is not to proclaim to the world the true facts as she now says that they are. It is not about correcting a false finding as to her status. It is not about correcting a public injustice. It is about money, and only about money.”

Says Mr Justice Mostyn


7 in 10 women blame menopause for divorce, research finds

Menopause has far reaching effects.


Chrysler Building billionaire to pay £3.5m a year until divorce decision

A billionaire real estate developer embroiled in a divorce fight must pay out more than £3.5m a year until a judge decides how much money his estranged wife should walk away with.


5 ways to protect your children’s wellbeing during a divorce

Divorce is a difficult time for couples but if children are involved, they need to be front and centre


Ex-wife of millionaire whose family founded Screwfix resumes cash court battle

Back in court for the latest round of a money dispute after complaining that she has been left with less than 10% of assets worth more than £80 million.