SEN children, template divorce, lawyer rankings: our round-up of news for October 2021

If you missed what we’ve been sharing last month, here’s a round up of our blogs and some of the news posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

From our blog:

Divorce and Children with Special Needs: Financial Settlements


In our second article on SEN children and divorce, Director Anne Leiper looks at considerations when drawing up your financial settlements after separation.



No two divorces are the same - unless you apply online…


How a recent case of 28 identical divorce petitions being dismissed by a judge shows the risks of using online divorce template sites. Very much a case of “DIY divorce in haste, repent at leisure”.




LGFL Ltd rankings in Legal 500 and Chambers UK 2022 editions


Our 2022 rankings in the Legal 500 and Chambers UK guides for LGFL Ltd and our two Directors, Rita Gupta and Anne Leiper.





From our social media:

Round up


Sheikh Mohammed and Princess Haya’s historic divorce proceedings are underway

Interesting case


Japan's Princess Mako: The woman who gave up royal status to marry

Love over royalty


Maid on Netflix Review: This Depiction of Emotional Abuse Is Too Important to Ignore

This is a great series. It touches on so many issues of abuse. The difficulty in proving emotional abuse and coercive control, generational differences in the perception of abuse and the cycles of abuse. The protagonist herself leaves a trail of destruction behind her as she navigates her life and survival.


Woman ‘devastated’ to learn same-sex adultery doesn’t exist in UK law after partner cheats

Under current legislation, couples must cite a reason for their divorce – but the new bill will remove that need to put a stop to couples assigning blame at the end of a relationship.


Look: Fan Celebrates His Divorce At Major League Game

One way to announce you’re divorced.


District judge criticised for dismissing abuse allegations

New domestic abuse case.


Adele says new album will explain her divorce to her young son

Listen to me sing for answers


Amazon Alexa: Woman used smart speaker to threaten ex's new partner

Hell hath no fury…


Princess Haya: Dubai ruler had ex-wife's phone hacked - UK court

Client and divorce lawyer targeted.


First practising female barrister commemorated with London blue plaque

Lady Hale unveiled the plaque, saying: Helena Normanton was the pioneer of women barristers. She had to overcome a great deal of prejudice and discrimination. A blue plaque is a fitting tribute to her courage and her example to women barristers everywhere.


Family courts deal with soaring volume of work

And the delays and stresses are being felt across the board.


Getting Divorced By 30 Teaches You A Lesson In Self-Worth

Four women who were married – and divorced – in their twenties tell the full story.


What the changes to the state pension post-2016 mean for divorcees

This article from the FT is worth a read for women who divorced after the state pension age.


’My husband refused a divorce for nine years'

The difficult path to divorce for one Jewish woman.


‘Brexit hasn’t happened yet’ for law firms, says Society

‘We don’t know the full extent of how the end of freedom of movement will impact the sector practically. It’s likely that it will have a huge impact.’


Police urged to better protect black women who face domestic abuse

Sistah Space’s call for mandatory training in UK backed by Michaela Coel, FKA twigs and Women’s Equality party.


Divorce settlements must change to make pension-sharing fairer, say experts

A recent major piece of research has revealed huge gaps in pension wealth between men and women, showing the need for divorce settlements to be urgently reformed to put pension sharing at their heart.


All Saints songwriter Kirsty Bertarelli becomes Britain’s richest divorcee with £350m settlement

That's some settlement.


Society voices 'genuine concerns' about power of attorney reforms

The Law Society stressed that LPAs give ‘sweeping powers’ over life decisions when an individual’s mental capacity is diminished, and are ‘arguably one of the most important legal documents that a person will make’.


The college and the Ministry of Justice say details of the training must be kept from the public in order to preserve judicial independence.

However, Freedom of Information tribunal say otherwise.


Speech by the President of the Family Division: “Interesting Times”

In his speech Sire Andrew McFarlane discusses 'what do I want to achieve by the time that I hang up my wig and flashy robes in three years’ time?'.


Rishi Sunak Announces Funding for Special Schools and Children

Budget update: Chancellor Rishi Sunak announces additional funding for SEN children school places and "£200m for the Supporting Families programme to support families who face complex issues that could lead to family breakdown."