Our 7 most popular family law articles

At LGFL, we're proud of our extensive library of articles published here on our website. Covering a wide range of topics, these articles illustrate how we are interested in exploring the wider issues around separation and divorce. Many are, like our approach, child-centred, and share our insights on divorce being about much more than just the law.

These articles have resulted in lots of interest in our divorce and family law services, including local and national families, high net worth clients based abroad, and high profile/celebrity cases. That level of interest reflects the unique approach to family law that LGFL offer - and the child-centred successful outcomes we achieve.

LGFL articles – the stats

We've taken a look at the article stats for the last 12 months and were amazed to discover just how much popular these articles have been. The top seven articles have been viewed over 13,000 times, so clearly lots of people find these articles helpful.

What's more, the top three articles continue to outrank all but our home page in terms of the number of views. These top three alone account for over 10,000 of the total article views.

Our top seven articles

So, what are these top articles? Here's our countdown...

7: How will divorce impact on your children's education?


Articles concerning children account for five of the seven articles in the list. This article looked at academic studies into the impact of divorce on a child's education in the long term, along with the practical implications such as school catchment areas.



6: 5 facts you didn't know about divorce

Women in bog and coffee maker - Divorce facts


This was a fun article that we enjoyed writing about historic divorce laws. For example, did you know that in the Ottoman empire, if a man didn’t provide enough coffee for his wife, she could use this as grounds for divorce. (Pun intended!) A prefect read for anyone wanting to win the pub quiz next week...



5: Without prejudice in family law: what it means and when to use its

woman scratching head understading the meaning of without prejudice


Two "terminology explainer" articles are in the top seven, including this insight into the use of the phrase "without prejudice" in written correspondence.



4: Who exactly is your next of kin?


This short article explains that you can appoint someone as your next of kin, and why you need to do this if you are separated but not divorced.



3: School fees and divorce: seven ways to protect their payment

Words on scrabble board about schooling


Who pays the school fees after divorce is a major issue for parents who wish, as the article says, "To keep children in a stable and supportive school environment during a turbulent time in their lives.”

We also wrote a follow-up.


2: Divorce and children with special needs: child arrangement orders

special needs child and divorce


This is one of three articles written by LGFL Managing Director Rita Gupta focusing on issues around separation and the SEN child. The other two are:

A general overview

An article on what needs to be taken into consideration in financial settlements



Our number 1 article in the top slot as it has been for many weeks:


1: When coercive control never ends: post-separation and the new Domestic Abuse Bill


Originally written when the offence of post-separation abuse was included in legislation, this article has been viewed over 3,700 times. It highlights how this form of abuse has, to quote one survivor, "Ongoing, indefinite power to destroy our lives”.



New articles every month

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