Rita’s book reviews – a roundup

Book reviews, girl reading a book

At LGFL we believe that divorce or separation is not just about the law. Launching our campaign of lifestyle articles on issues affecting our clients, Director Rita Gupta has been reviewing books aimed at children to help them in understanding divorce and other family law issues.


It’s not your fault, Koko Bear

by Vicki Lansky

A reading together books for young children during divorce.

Koko learns that a child can love and be loved by both parents, even when living in a family apart


The Suitcase kid

by Jacqueline Wilson

A good book for children between the ages of 9-12 years

Andy is upset about her parent’s divorce and does not know who she should live with - one week at Mum’s and one week at Dad’s.
How will it end?


Mum and Dad glue

by Kes Gray

A little boy searches for a pot of parent glue to paste his mom and dad's marriage back together. He soon realises that even though his parents' marriage is broken, their love for him remains as strong as ever.