A charity, children first, and a new website: our round up of news for June 2017

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If you missed what we’ve been sharing this month, here’s a round up of our blogs and some of the news posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages.


From our blog:


School for Justice, our chosen charity for Spring 2017

School for justiceContinuing our support for women’s causes we’re supporting this amazing organisation in India. Free a Girl Movement - School For Justice. Free a Girl Movement - The School of Justice - is training 17 girls who are sex trafficking survivors to become lawyers. The girls will follow a 5 year education to become the best lawyers and prosecutors India has to offer, so that they can bring the criminals responsible for child prostitution to justice. Such a great way to help educate these young women and see criminals brought to justice. The Law is such a fulfilling vocation.


Cohabitation agreements: better safe than sorry

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The inside track on how to make sure your cohabitation agreement is legal and binding, and why it's always better to be safe than sorry.


Sorting out separation; why the HSSF mark shows our Director is putting children first

Anne Leiper and HSSF Logo

LGFL Ltd Director Anne Leiper has been awarded the prestigious HSSF mark, part of the Government’s Help and Support for Separated Families initiative.

From our social media:

Divorce and money should not mix

The process of obtaining a divorce should be completely separated from a couple’s disputes over money, according to the most senior family judge in England and Wales. Hmmmmm…


Nothing is a random mix

Happy relationships don’t happen by chance, says relationship coach Kas Naidoo.


How do you help children when you’re separating?

When divorcing it is important to also focus on your children’s and how you can best guide them through this life-changing event. Here are nine suggestions for helping children cope with a divorce.


Court cross examination

’No victim of abuse should ever again be required to be cross-examined by their abuser in any court, let alone in a family court where protection of children and the vulnerable is central to its ethos.’


Planning for the future

Want more money for retirement. Then don't divorce. Is this really the way forward?


Just whose family is it?

Strasbourg grapples with international surrogacy and the concept of “family”.


Coercive control is insidious

An awareness campaign is so important to ensure others don't suffer as Natalie and her family have.


How many journals should you keep?

So writing it all down may not be so good for your emotions during and after divorce.


And we said a fond farewell to Warbrook House

We’re very pleased that combined with our move to new premises we have a terrific new website to boot! Thanks to our fantastic team at Akira Studio and our SEO and social media specialists at Invaluable Resource. Plus we had some glamorous new photos, fab fun in front of the camera. Have a look.