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Separation Issues

Separation does not necessarily involve a formal divorce or an acrimonious split. At Leiper Gupta Family Lawyers, we specialise in helping couples find alternative ways to separate with less stress or financial complications, especially where children are involved.

Separation in marriage or civil partnerships

You and your partner may decide to go your separate ways, but do not wish to divorce immediately, or indeed not at all. In these circumstances, there will usually be financial assets, such as a shared home, that will need to be dealt with. You may also need to make arrangements regarding your children.

As experienced Family Law solicitors, we can advise you on the drafting of a separation agreement. This formalises the separation arrangements, and offers you protection for the future. We can also assist you with interim arrangements made via correspondence whilst you make long-term decisions.

Any agreement reached between you and your partner is not legally binding, so it is imperative you seek expert legal advice and formalise the arrangements.

Collaborative law

At LGFL Ltd, we offer collaborative law as an option to reduce stress and enable parties to come to an agreement outside of the courtroom. Collaborative law allows the opportunity of reaching an agreement with your former spouse or partner without the need for lengthy court proceedings. For more details, see our Collaborative Law page.

Cultural and religious alternatives to divorce

If for cultural or religious reasons divorce proceedings are not appropriate for you we can advise you on Judicial Separation proceedings. A Judicial Separation is a court order that allows a couple to remain legally married but to not have normal marital obligations, such as living together, or sharing matrimonial assets.

For more information and how a decree of Judicial Separation might apply to your circumstances, call us to make an appointment. Or take advantage of our 30-minute free consultation* to discover that we are the right law firm or solicitors for you.

Separation of cohabiting (non-married) partners
For more information, see our Cohabitation Disputes page.

Separation or divorce?

If you wish to separate and formally dissolve your marriage or civil partnership, see our Divorce and Civil Partnership Dissolution pages for more details.

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