House-hunting, vaccinations, Brangelina: our round-up of news for September 2021

If you missed what we’ve been sharing last month, here’s a round up of our blogs and some of the news posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

From our blog:

House-hunting? Why you should discuss Joint Tenants and Tenants In Common with your family lawyer


Co-own your family home? with your spouse or partner? Are you Joint Tenants or Tenants In Common? If your relationship ends or you get divorced, how you own your home will become very important. Director Anne Leiper explains all in our article. 



COVID-19 vaccinations: when parents disagree


Parental responsibility, consent and the COVID-19 vaccination for children under 16. What happens when as separated co-parents, you hold opposite views? 





Never-ending story: the Pitt and Jolie custody battle


As Brad Pitt and Angelia Jolie's post-divorce custody battle enters its fifth year, we examine the impact such long-term court actions have on those stuck in the middle - their children. 




From our social media:

Round up


Who kept the house in these celebrity divorces?

"Dividing up estates in high-profile divorces is never easy.

8 ultra high-profile divorces, including Kimye's, Jeff and MacKenzie's, and Brangelina's, and reveal who got or is likely to get what."


Sarah, Duchess of York stands up for Prince Andrew once again

Divorce is one thing, but my heart is my oath, my obligation,’ said the Duke of York’s former wife


Sophie Moss death: MP says strangling sentence too lenient

The sentence given to a man who choked a woman to death during sex is being reviewed by the Attorney General to decide if it was unduly lenient.


MoJ pushes on with court fee increases despite majority opposition

The government is set to impose a widespread increase in court fees – apparently ignoring the majority of consultation respondents who opposed such a measure


Controlling dad forced wife and kids to stay five metres from him during divorce

A dad has been convicted of controlling and coercive behaviour after introducing strict rules on his family while going through a divorce.


Art collection expected to fetch at least $600m to help settle divorce

How the wealthy fund their divorce.


Not model’s own: Women’s Aid launches powerful campaign to raise awareness of coercive control

Thoughtful new campaign from Women’s Aid, highlighting coercive control.

The campaign, named “Not Model’s Own”, sees three different women posing for what looks like a fashion photoshoot.


Domestic abuse: Charges reported to COPFS reach five-year high

Figures keep rising across all of the UK.

"DOMESTIC abuse charges reported to prosecutors in Scotland reached a five-year high with cases rising during the first Covid lockdown, figures revealed."


12 steps to creating a happy new life as a step-family

If a separated parent meets a new partner with children, blending the two families can be tough. Experts talk about the best ways to do it


Divorced woman enrages ex-husband after ‘refusing’ to return her engagement ring: ‘You’re well within your rights’

Tricky one!


'Brangelina' still rolls on!

Brad Pitt challenges Angelina Jolie in child custody case


Woman recreates Nicole Kidman’s iconic 2001 photograph to celebrate her divorce

One way to celebrate your divorce.


Lost wedding ring found on beach ‘in minutes’ using fitness tracker data

There are some nice people around who will help.

Heartening to hear this man recovered his wedding ring.


The Times Diary: A supremely slight regret

Lady Hale , releases her memoirs book: Spider woman.


The questions you have to ask yourself before tying the knot

Questions the Irish suggest you ask before getting married, include:

An mbíonn tú ag srannfaí - Do you snore?


Prison for man who said he would sign divorce papers if wife withdrew assault claim

Talk about coercive control!


Love and money: Why breaking-up is so hard to do

Bill and Melinda Gates may be among the wealthiest couples to file for divorce this year - but they aren't the only ones trying to figure out how to split their assets and go their separate ways after Covid.

Yet while they may not struggle to pay their legal bills, for many the financial cost of splitting-up can be a huge barrier.