At LGFL, we offer a free initial consultation. I'm going to give you six reasons why you should book one.

Reason number one:

You have an opportunity to meet one of the Directors, i.e. me or Anne, in person.


Reason number two:

We very much view family law as a partnership with our clients. The law is the same. It's the individual approach that differentiates us.


Reason number three:

We give you an overview of your family law issues, and are able to give you some generic advice as to your family law problem.


Reason number four:

There's absolutely no obligation to instruct us, although most people who do attend our consultations do become our clients. It's also an opportunity to book a longer interview for a reduced fee.


Reason number five:

We can go through your options with you and the next future steps. We can also give you the associated costs.


Reason number six:

We can see you at your convenience either in our discreet countryside main offices or in our central Reading space. The decision is yours, so please do get in touch.