Rita Gupta, LGFL Director says:

“With the summer holidays approaching, and after our very wet 2024 spring, you may want to take the children abroad for a sunny summer holiday.

As separated parents, you may have very different views on travel and the associated risks. As co-parents, you need to consider that, and make sensible decisions.”


School summer holidays 2024

School’s out for summer in just a few weeks! The 2024 school summer holiday dates are as follows:

  • Hampshire schools: Weds 24 July to Sun 1 September 2024
  • Surrey schools: Tues 23 July to Sun 1 September 2024
  • Berkshire schools: Weds 24 July to Tues 3 September 2024
  • Private schools: holidays usually start approx.. 1 week early and return 1 week later. Check with your child’s school.


Taking kids out of school early for summer holidays

You cannot just take children out of school for a holiday because it's cheaper or more convenient. Your child is only permitted to miss school if they are too ill to attend, or you have advance permission from the school.

As the gov website says:

“You have to get permission from the head teacher if you want to take your child out of school during term time. You can only do this if:

  • you make an application to the head teacher in advance (as a parent the child normally lives with)
  • there are exceptional circumstances

It’s up to the head teacher how many days your child can be away from school if leave is granted.

You can be fined for taking your child on holiday during term time without the school’s permission.”


Summer holiday permissions

As a divorced or separated parent, before booking your summer holiday you need to consider the impact on your children and your co-parenting relationship.

In the interests of co-parenting, parents should prioritise their children’s welfare by openly discussing and respect people’s wishes about the locations and duration of travel.

Apart from the legal requirements (see below), there are emotional considerations including the co-parent’s ability to afford a similar holiday, and the potential jealousy this can create.

Equally, taking children away on holiday for longer periods of time may deny the non-holidaying parent access to see the children during the summer months, when there is more to do and enjoy outside together in the UK.

Try not to become embroiled in tit for tat responses. Look at the bigger picture of allowing a child to enjoy a holiday abroad with the reassurance that the other parent is happy for them to be enjoying a holiday away. It also demonstrates that you both are taking a child centred approach.


Getting the co-parent’s permission

If you plan to take your children abroad, and have shared parental responsibility with your ex-partner, you must seek their permission to take your children out of the country, even for just a short break. Taking children abroad without permission is child abduction in the eyes of the law.

If you have a Child Arrangement Order stating the children live with you, you are able to remove them from the country without permission for less than one month. After that time, you will need permission.

In shared care cases, there has to be full agreement between you. So, in the interests of co-parenting, we would always suggest you have detailed discussions. This is particularly important as, at time of writing, there are planned summer strike action by the border agencies which could delay or affect your travel plans.


Get it in writing

Your permission/consent should be set down in writing, as proof that everyone understands precisely what has and has not been agreed to. This is called a child arrangement letter, and should include:

  • Details of the holiday destination including street address
  • Contact details for all accommodation/s
  • A full itinerary of travel arrangements including flight numbers and times, departure and arrival airports, train times, etc.
  • Details of any planned holiday events that might require co-parental permission, such as scuba diving.


Changes to travel plans

If your ex has already given permission in writing for a holiday abroad, and your travel plans change in terms of dates, destination or duration, you’ll need to get their permission for the new changes.

So it is prudent to include some “wriggle room” in the written permission allowing for changes in departure and return dates due to cancellations. You might also wish to include permission for any rebooked holiday during the summer period.


UK holiday permissions

If you are going to spend the holidays in the UK, not abroad, you’ll need to inform your ex about these changes too. However, you don't need permission from your ex-partner to take your children on holiday in the UK.


Holiday timescales: passports

Many travellers have recently been caught out by the issue of passport expiry dates. Many countries consider the expiry date of a passport to be 10 years from the date of issue. This can be different from the expiry date on the passport if you applied or a renewal with time left on the passport. In the UK, this extra time might have been added to your passport expiry date, effectively making the passport appear valid for longer than 10 years.

So check that all the family passports meet these EU rules:

1) The passport issue date is less than 10 years before the day of your arrival in the EU


2) The passport expiry date is at least three months after the intended day of your departure from EU

In addition, countries that require a visa to enter will require at least six months validity on your passport. So it is important to check long before your planned travel dates that all your passports will be valid for the required amount of time.

Make sure you also leave sufficient time to apply for a new passport for either yourself or a child. At time of writing, the gov Passport Office website says:

“You’ll usually get your passport within 3 weeks. It may take longer than 3 weeks if we need more information, or we need to interview you.”

The application process only starts from the moment the Passport Office receive your documents, so allow extra time for the post to arrive at their end. Once your documents are received, you can track the progress of your application online.


Need to make changes to an existing holiday agreement?

If you have a child arrangement letter already in place, and you need to amend it, contact us - there is still time.

- Call us

- Email us


Five benefits of a formal holiday child arrangement letter

1. A child arrangement letter cuts down the conversations required between you and your ex.

2. It avoids lengthy email exchanges or telephone calls where it’s all too easy to misunderstand what has been arranged and for when.

3. It is impartial and comes via a third party (us).

4. All your ex needs to do is reply in writing agreeing to the arrangements, and you’re ready to go.

5. Child arrangement agreements can be shown to border staff if required.


Travelling abroad? Take your letter (and other paperwork) with you

If you are travelling with children that do not share your surname, a child arrangement agreement is very useful to have if border staff wish to clarify their relationship to you.

As a result of Brexit, passport control procedures now vary across the EU and you may find yourself under closer scrutiny (and in a longer queue) than before.

Also remember that you should have health insurance for yourself and the children. if you have a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), according to the NHS website, “You can continue to use it until it expires”.

The EHIC has now been replaced by the UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC), which you can apply for online. A UK GHIC is free and is valid for five years. You can apply for one here.


Court Orders for visits abroad

Your ex may decide not to give permission for you to take children abroad, just as you can refuse permission for them to do the same. In such a case, either parent can apply for a Specific Issue Order. This is a court order that determines a specific issue concerning Parental Responsibility.

The court will determine if the holiday or journey abroad is in the child’s best interests. A court is unlikely to rule against a visit to a country that is a member of the Hague Convention. However, it may rule against visits to other countries are not thought to be safe.

Equally, you can apply for a Specific Issue Order or a Prohibited Steps Order if there is a risk that your ex-spouse may not return the children back to the UK.

The focus of the court and all professionals involved will always be the welfare of the child/children. The view on precisely what that welfare consists of can be quite different between separated parents, and so a compromise will have to be reached. You may want to consider mediation to resolve the issue between you and reach that required compromise.


Child arrangement agreements by phone or Zoom

At LGFL, we aim to make it as easy as possible to access the legal advice and services you need, and so offer our full family law service both in person and remotely. The great advantage of remote services is that you don't need to travel to our offices, and virtual mediation means you don't need to meet your ex-partner in person to resolve differences if required.

Do feel free to phone us to discuss your requirements, or book your initial 1-hour reduced fee advice session. (For qualifying clients, T&Cs apply.)

Valentine’s Day can bring much joy, but not necessarily if you’re recently divorced or separated. LGFL Director Rita Gupta explores how to proceed if you were not expecting to be single, and the divorce announcement has been an unwelcome gift.

One of my team recently showed me an email she had received from one of the country’s leading letter box flower delivery company.

“A sensitive occasion is coming up. Want to snooze it?

In a few weeks’ time, we’re going to start sending emails about Valentine’s Day.

Rather not hear about it? Totally fine.

You can snooze Valentine’s Day emails here. We won’t send you anything related to this date. You’ll still get all our other emails though, like normal.”

I was impressed by the flower firm’s empathetic approach and the understanding of the feelings of those who are on their own or soon to be - and are not happy about it.


Unexpected news

To a proportion of our clients, the news that their spouse wants a divorce comes as a bolt out the blue. They might have realised that the situation isn’t ideal but did not realise that their partner considered the marriage beyond repair. The revelation, and sometimes the unexpected arrival of divorce papers, leaves them feeling confused, hurt and at a loss as to their next course of action.


An emotional rollercoaster

When a spouse first states “I want a divorce”, the other partner’s response will very much depend on where they stand emotionally. One partner may have fallen out of love, but the other may still had deep feelings and very much want to stay married.

As outlined in our popular article “A rollercoaster of feelings: how a divorce progresses emotionally”:

“A single event might trigger that announcement, whether a minor argument that’s the final straw, or an unwelcome revelation such as an affair. At that point, you or your partner may have already checked out emotionally. So the two of you will not be coming at the case from the same emotional angle. This dictates the entire direction of the case and how you and your partner reach agreement on your children and finances.”


What to do next

If you are facing this situation of an unexpected divorce announcement, your first course of action should be to take legal advice straight away. Talking through your situation with an experienced and empathetic family lawyer can help you understand your options. Timely advice can also prevent you taking hasty decisions that might become problematic later, especially in terms of the family home, finances, and child arrangements.


Better working together

If you have children together, they should be at the centre of your divorce planning. Remember that you will always be a parent even when you are not a spouse anymore. A divorce process that involves expert legal advice, mediation and a collaborative approach can help parents separate with their focus on the children and their future, rather than solely on themselves. This can often lead to more measured approaches and proportionate litigation that are rooted in reality and fairness rather than inflated expectations.


Separating out finances

There is no such thing as a “quickie divorce”. Even under the new streamlined system and with a mutually agreed joint application, the timescale will usually be around six months from application to completion. During that time, the world does not stand still. Food still needs to be bought, mortgages and bills still need to be paid, and children need to continue to live their normal life as far as possible. Taking early legal advice on how to approach untangling your finances and home lives is therefore essential.


Through Valentine’s and beyond

Even the most straightforward of uncontested divorces will have an impact on those around you, including family and relatives, friends, and social networks. Talk to them and gain any emotional and practical support they can offer.

This may seem a major struggle at first, but as I explained in my article “More than one rollercoaster: how the emotions of divorce influence your friends, work and future”:

“On your emotional rollercoaster, you may just see steep hills to climb, such as finances, child arrangements, and perhaps the prospect of living on your own for the first time in decades. In reality, there are sections that are a much easier ride, and take your forward to a different life post-separation.”


Protect your mental health

Professional help from a mental health specialist can be invaluable during a divorce. At LGFL we partner with experienced therapists and holistic practitioners who can help our clients manage the mental challenges of divorce. These can include stress, anxiety, lack of confidence and the myriad of emotions raised at this major upheaval in their lives. Watch out for our further health and well being articles, as part of our “Divorce is more than just the law” series.


Your first step towards your post-divorce future

Contact us to book your initial reduced fee one hour consultation. We can talk in complete confidence at our discreet countryside offices just outside Reading, or online if you prefer. There’s no obligation and you can extend the time available if you wish. You’ll always meet with one of our two Directors to discuss your unique situation, who will oversee all aspects of your divorce from start to finish should you decide to instruct us.

To make that first step:

- Call us

- Email us

- Request your appointment online

Every quarter, the Family Court issues stats on how many divorces take place courts in England and Wales. Managing Director Rita Gupta looks at the figures released for July to September 2023, and compares these to her own experiences here at LGFL.


27,290 divorce applications, down 12%

Many of the newspapers latched onto the fact that divorce applications in July-September 2023 were down 12% on the same period last year. However, last year we were still taking applications from couples who had waited until the “no fault’ legislation came into force. So 2022 applications were inevitably up.

At LGFL, we’ve found that over the 2023 summer period, we had less enquiries about divorces. This is nothing unusual, in that parents with children may delay filing for divorce until after the school summers holidays. Also, the cost of living crisis meant that people were looking for cheaper ways to divorce.

However, we’re now seeing the effects of those choices.

  • We have advised couples who realised in September that they were only delaying the inevitable, and we had a busy autumn as a result.
  • Sadly, too, we had to deal with the fallout of people filing for divorce online and not completing the forms correctly.

Many also discovered to their cost that whilst you can file for divorce online yourself, that’s only the start of the process. Sorting out the crucial life-important components of a divorce, including a financial settlement and child arrangements, can be complex and involved. The online filing process offers no advice or support in the creation of settlements and arrangements that are tailored to your needs and circumstances.

By taking legal advice early, you can understand what is required to obtain the best outcome for you and your family. Appointing a family lawyer will ensure you benefit from their experience and expert knowledge, and enables you to move forward with confidence. LGFL will deal with the legal paperwork and day to day progress of your divorce application, leaving you to concentrate on your family.


1% decrease in domestic violence remedy order applications

A 1% decrease is barely significant in our experience, as these stats only account for domestic violence. We increasingly deal with cases under the wider definition of domestic abuse, and especially cases involving coercive control. The good news is that the awareness of this aspect of domestic abuse is growing, gradually eroding the significant role it often plays in preventing victims coming forward.

However, the summer figures for domestic violence will inevitably increase in the quarter from October to December, due to financial stress and emotional tensions over the Christmas period.


Divorce timescales down

The timescales or divorce proceedings decreased from the same period in 2022, as the no fault system is now bedded in, and the courts are finally clearing most of their backlog.

  • The mean average time between application to conditional order was 41 weeks, down 2 weeks.
  • The mean average time from application to final order was 65 weeks, down 1 week.
  • For all-digital cases through the Courts and Tribunals Service Centre, the average time to conditional order was 32 weeks.

However, it’s important to remember that there is no such thing as a quickie divorce. There is a mandatory waiting period between applying for divorce and applying for the conditional order (CO) of at least 20 weeks. So the divorce timescales CANNOT reduce any lower than this.


Thinking of getting divorced in 2024?

Contact us first. There is no substitute for professional, timely and accurate legal advice from an experienced divorce lawyer. Our expertise can help ensure you achieve the best outcome for you and your family with the minimum of stress. Our clients often say how their initial outlay on advice and legal services was repaid many times over by the advice, support and outcomes achieved by the LGFL team.

- Call us

- Email us

- Book your 1 hours reduced fee consultation with one of our Directors

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The Domestic Abuse Act 2021: a new law offering greater protection for victims


LGFL's inside track on the Domestic Abuse Act 2021, and why this new legislation is so important.



All change? Holiday child arrangements and COVID-19  [updated May 2021]


If you're planning a holiday abroad this year with your children, as a divorced or separated parent with shared parental responsibility, you will require your ex-partner's permission. 

If your plans change due to covid-19 or similar, then you'll need to revise any child arrangement agreement, which gives their permission. 

Here's how a formal letter from a family lawyer can make the whole process of agreeing who gets the kids when during the holidays a whole lot easier.  





From our social media:

Brad Pitt awarded joint custody of children with Angelina Jolie

"Ms Jolie filed for divorce in 2016 and the pair have since been engaged in a custody battle largely shielded from public view." 


Domestic abuse: 'Girls shouldn't live in fear of dad killing mum'

Heartbreaking story highlighting the issues BAME women face in abuse cases.


£100m divorce award: judge rebuffs media pleas to publish judgment

Billionaire newspaper owner applied to court to keep details out of public domain.


Law and disorder: the Secret Judge takes us inside Britain’s overstretched courts during the pandemic

"Secret Judge reveals how, via the blessings and burdens of technology, justice has prevailed"


Bill Gates still wearing wedding ring in first major public appearance since filing for divorce

Some eagled eyed reporter.  However, the marriage isn't officially over until Bill & Melinda legally divorced. So if he want to still wear his wedding ring, why not? 




China divorces drop 70% after controversial ‘cooling off’ law

Interesting Chinese stats, however as the article states:

"The announcement of the cooling-off period sparked anger at the time, especially among women, and drew suggestions from young people that they were now more likely to avoid marriage altogether."


Women being arrested and criminalised after reporting violence and abuse, say MPs

Support is what these women need.

‘There is more to do to ensure that women are given the support they need without being criminalised,’ says Labour MP


Barristers to share Gray’s Inn with 300 kids as new primary school gets go-ahead

Barristers in the making?


Tech playing growing role in UK domestic abuse cases, experts say

“As our lives are lived ever more through our computers and phones, it’s crucial that women experiencing abuse are able to use their technology safely, without fear of being monitored, controlled and harassed.”

Well said.


What you need to remember about Bill and Melinda Gates’ divorce settlement

"What this comes down to is how we view marriage. …A marriage is not just a romantic relationship: it is an economic partnership."


Melinda Gates could become world’s second-richest woman

Hopefully their charitable company will not feel the break up.


The golden rules of an amicable divorce – as Bill and Melinda Gates split

It doesn't have to messy say the Gates.


Domestic Abuse Act prompts legal aid plea

Law Society president, Stephanie Boyce called for "legal aid to be reintroduced for early advice in all family cases to ensure victims of abuse are identified at an early stage and helped to get access to justice to protect them and their children."


The biggest challenge of divorce? The kids’ school clothes are always at the wrong house

"There is absolutely no way of getting ahead of it, because children lose everything, all the time; or insulating yourself against it: you feel bad, because you’re right to feel bad, because it’s your fault."

An interestingly honest read.


My husband was disinherited for marrying me

Gosh what a family story, disinheritance, evictions and never meeting your grandchild. 

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Supporting LGBT+ survivors of domestic abuse during the Covid-19 pandemic: our conference report

Hand with LGBT sign


At LGFL, we feel it is our responsibility to constantly educate ourselves so that we are advising in an inclusive fashion. So, one of our team attended the online Galop conference on "Supporting LGBT+ survivors of domestic abuse during the Covid-19 pandemic." Here are the key learning points we gained to carry forward into our working practices here at LGFL.


Who gets the dog - Your in depth guide to pets and divorce [updated April 2021]


In the UK, 5.7 million new pets were bought between March and September 2020. So, we've updated our popular blog "Who gets the dog?" with new information, fresh insights into custody of your family pets after you divorce.




The son, the mother - and the importance of full financial disclosure


The cautionary tale of an oligarch, his wife and his son, showing how avoiding full and frank disclosure of all your assets for your divorce financial settlement can land you (back) in court.





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Kris Jenner shared the best divorce advice everyone can learn from

"I think the most important thing I learned through my experience, both of my experiences, is that the kids come first,"

Well said Kris


Domestic Abuse protocol from Resolution

The DFJ's of London and the South-East have agreed a Domestic Abuse protocol regarding the issuing of applications for Family Law Act orders.


Use of ‘stalkerware’ apps that allow abusers to spy on partners soar by 93% in pandemic

It seems too easy for some to obtain these apps.


6 things first-time buyers need to consider

Buying with a partner a ‘co-habitation’ or ‘living together’ agreement can help.

See a lawyer to help get the agreement drawn up.


Talking Family Law – the Resolution Podcast

Have you listened to Resolution - first for family law new podcast covering all things family law.




First woman barrister gets a plaque

Great to see recognition finally.


Two Doughty Street junior barristers launch hijabs for court

A great idea to help!


The new Victim’s code of practice

Simple explanation of the rights of the victim in court.


Victims going to court entitled not to see defendant

Victims of alleged crimes attending court will have right not to see defendant before or after case under new code that comes into force today.


Government announces launch of new Help to Buy scheme

A new Help to Buy scheme starts today, 1 April 2021, and will run to March 2023. Just as before, the government will lend new homebuyers up to 20% of the cost of a newly built home, and up to 40% in London. However, the new scheme is restricted to first-time buyers only, with regional property price caps.


Johnny Depp refused permission to appeal libel ruling

"None of the criticisms levelled at the judgment had a real prospect of success."


How to redecorate after divorce - author Rosie Green shares her tips for getting it right

A little help for life after divorce.


Two women lead Law Society for first time

Let's hear it for the girls!


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When coercive control never ends: post-separation and the new Domestic Abuse Bill


“Ongoing, indefinite power to destroy our lives”. Read Rita's new article on post-separation abuse, and why it is an important amendment to the Domestic Abuse Bill.


Sunak, stamp duty and summer schools; the Budget 2021 and family law

budet 2021 and family law


In a special "Budget blog", we explore how Rishi Sunak's 2021 Budget may impact on separated parents, single parents and couples in the midst of divorce.




Going green: an unexpected benefit of the pandemic

green leaves in office bag and pens


Less paper shredded, less energy used, and lower emissions: unexpected benefits from our first year of full remote working for our team. Discover more in our latest LGFL article.



Without Prejudice: what it means and when to use it

woman scratching head understading the meaning of without prejudice


Confused about Without Prejudice and “Without Prejudice save as to costs”? LGFL Rita Gupta explains why taking legal advice is important before using either phrase on your family law case correspondence.





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7 Ways to Help Your Teenager Cope With Your Divorce

Divorce can be difficult for young people. This article has some ideas to help.


Man ordered to pay his wife £5,400 for doing the housework

Certainly a step forward in Chinese divorce law.


Quarter of parents who suffered domestic abuse say it took place during pregnancy

This is a very sobering statistic.


Most judges do not feel valued by government - survey

So, the question is how to improve their sense of value to government and the media in general?


5 tips for co-parenting amicably after divorce or separation

While the arrangement may appear straightforward if former partners remain on good terms, sharing parenting of children with an ex can present many challenging issues to work through - from anxieties to disagreements, loneliness and a lack of support.




Untying the knot: how to have a ‘good’ divorce

“It’s hard at the beginning – it’s much easier to just go into your own camp and be cross with the other person. But actually, if you look at it as both of you trying to extricate yourselves fairly, then you focus on the solution rather than the problem."


Religious divorce refusal can now be recognised as a criminal offence

A husband who refuses a 'get' can now be viewed as exerting controlling and coercive behaviour, listed as a criminal offence under the Serious Crime Act.


Lisa Marie Presley asks judge to hand her single status in long-running divorce battle

Lengthy divorce takes it toll: Lisa Marie Presley has urged the judge overseeing her ongoing divorce and custody battle to end the legal spat so she can get on with her life.


Multimillionaire sells classic Bentley collection to pay for divorce

I wonder how many tears the collector wept over this!


Adele finalises divorce with joint custody of son

Co-parenting from Adele: "committed to raising their son together lovingly"


Adele’s weight loss secrets revealed: How the singer shed seven stone and got a ‘new lease of life’

They only just recently finalised the details of the divorce after a two-year battle over finances and reportedly used a "mediator" to split her £140m fortune.


Calls to domestic abuse helpline in England up by 60% over past year

Coercive control:
"Across the whole of 2020, 81% described being controlled by their partner"



If you missed what we’ve been sharing last month, here’s a round up of our blogs and some of the news posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Reaching out: LGFL in the media

LGFL in the media Feb 2021


How LGFL are reaching new audiences through digital media channels, including digital magazine, blogs and a brand new radio station.


Financial Remedies Court now “an established and permanent part of the Family Court”

family court finance


As the Financial Remedies Courts become part of the system, we look at what they are, why they are important, and how taking proper legal advice early is still crucial for financial settlements for divorce or separation.




Why being a “keyboard warrior” could affect your family law case

keyboard typring for keyboard warrior


Communicating with your ex-partner during your separation can be stressful, but as our latest article shows, hitting Reply can help save emotional email exchanges ending up before a judge in court.





From our social media:

Still staying home

Work from home guidance to remain in place until 21 June at the earliest.


Entire school board resigns after accidental public livestream

Another reminder about being careful with remote communications.


No pay rises for judges this year

"Buckland told the review body that he will not be issuing a remit letter for an annual review of judicial pay for the 2021/22 year as the government will not be able to implement the recommendations."


Have you seen this new app from amicable?

It's to help you manage all aspects of co-parenting in one secure place, making parenting after divorce and separation simpler.


Railways and Women’s Aid help hundreds of abuse victims escape

Some help from the railways for victims of abuse. Since April last year 747 adults and 273 children — have used the Rail to Refuge scheme.




Calls for widespread coronavirus testing as more Nightingale courts announced

“If action is not taken to increase capacity further, case delays will continue to increase and more victims, witnesses, and defendants will be denied access to justice.” Law Society President David Greene talks to the Daily Mail about the courts backlog


BBC announces The Split season 3 will be the final series

For those addicted to this series - it's coming to an end!


Why Adele won’t sing about her divorce

Adele won't sing to tell all.


Top judge rocks incredible judicial face mask

Now that's a face mask to match your outifit!


The prevalence of domestic violence is staggering. It’s time to bring it out of the shadows

"The issue remains deeply misunderstood, shrouded in shame and judgment of the victims, enabled by excuse-making for the perpetrators"


A survival guide to pensions on divorce

A great resource for divorcing couples.


Divorced woman runs giveaway competition about her wedding rings

One way to deal with your wedding rings after a divorce.



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Legal support at your side: why hybrid mediation is better than standard mediation

two doors open for hybrid mediation consultation


Hybrid mediation can help you avoid lengthy court delays and costs in your divorce, separation or family issues. With your family lawyer by your side in a separate room, and a mediator relaying information, you have access to legal advice right when you need it most.


Home alone: the impact of working from home, tech poverty and home schooling on single parents

mother an children home schooling


Single or separated, and juggling the needs of home schooling the kids and working from home? Our latest article is packed with tips on how to achieve a balance through co-parenting with your ex, and links to sources of help.




Lockdown 2021: how it affects child arrangements, divorce, separation and more

lockdown 2021


Worries about how lockdown affects your child arrangements after divorce or separation? Our article updates you on the latest rules on child arrangement orders, co-parenting, selling the family home, schooling and more.



Self-representation: the mental health impact of acting for yourself in court proceedings


Tempted to represent yourself in court on a family matter or for your divorce? Read this first!

Managing Director Rita Gupta examines why the DIY option for your day in court could cost you dearly both financially and in terms of your mental health.




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Are you free 3rd Feb at 6pm?

There's a Zoom interview with Baroness Hale, that explores the highlights of her career to date and her thoughts on the future.


Financial remedy in divorce cases just got easier

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, many providers and advisers moved quickly to implement digital signatures and get the administration side of the advice process online.


Brexit changes for family law

If you have a child maintenance decision, which you want to have recognised and enforced in an EU country from 1 January 2021, contact your nearest Maintenance Enforcement Business Centre as soon as possible.

More details about the changes can be found here.


Most women who commit family violence turn to verbal abuse, report finds

Interesting article on an Australian study, has found women’s violence is underpinned by different motivations and dynamics to those of violent men. And therefore leading to the need for different 'behavioural change programs'.


Mary-Kate Olsen and ex-husband Olivier Sarkozy finalising divorce

The changes that have happened over the last year. Finalising via 'Zoom'.




For separated parents home schooling under lockdown 3.0. can be even tougher

There is great advice in this realistic article on how to approach home schooling and “ideas to help children learn that you can fit around the edges of working from home.”


Jane Seymour reflects on the lessons she learned from her 4 'painful' divorces

On what the "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman" star learned most from going through divorce so many times "is to let go. To try to find a way to communicate and keep what was good in the relationship."


Urgent call for new law to tackle non-fatal strangulation in England and Wales

Victims’ commissioner says current legislation minimises seriousness of ‘domestic terror tactic’.


Coronavirus: Separated Families and Contact with Children in Care FAQs

Concerned about children moving between the homes of separated parents in the latest national lockdown? The House of Commons published a paper which gives answers.


Tough new domestic abuse tsar prepares to shape laws to protect threatened women

“My view of the role is to advise government but never step back from applying pressure. My job is to bring things to light.”

Let's hope she does make good changes for domestic abuse victims both women and men.


York mum shares 5 tips from new book on surviving divorce

In her new book called Big Girl Pants, the author shares her personal diaries throughout her divorce journey and her advice on how to have an amicable split.


Solicitors recognised in New Year Honours

Solicitors do outstanding work too and it's good to be recognised.


How an acrimonious divorce can take a financial toll

Difficult and malicious behaviour exhibited by one party during financial remedy proceedings can be punished with adverse costs orders, an adjustment of the asset division, or both.


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From our blog:

Divorce in 2020: child arrangements for celebrities


How do Hollywood A-listers co-parent after divorce? Managing Director Rita Gupta uncovers some positive ways A-listers make their child arrangements after separating.


Pre-nups: who needs one and why


Pre-nups for all: why every couple getting married should make a pre-nup, and why they are not just for Hollywood A-listers!




Domestic abuse against men: the 2020 ManKind Conference

male domestic abuse caller


The latest research into domestic violence against men as revealed at the ManKind Initiative Conference in November.




How to make Christmas 2020 child arrangements following your separation


Are you a recently-separated parent and need to plan that crucial five day festive period under the new COVID Christmas rules? A child arrangements letter can help both of you decide on who gets the kids, when. Our latest article from Director Rita Gupta explains more.




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The oligarch's divorce saga rumbles on

Tatiana Akhmedova’s son accused of foul play in £453m divorce.


Millions of parents say they’d cancel Christmas if they could

A sad statistic to read, as we move into December.

Our latest article on our website gives some ideas on how separated parents can organise Christmas, rather than perhaps cancel it.


So, what is Good Divorce Week?

Resolution’s annual campaign which aims to promote the constructive ways their members can help separating couples. This year the emphasis is on the Resolution "Code of Practice".


Splitting up by also splitting the costs

More and more couples are keen to share the cost of separation by instructing one solicitor.


From our social media:

Brad Keeps His Judge

And still it rumbles on for Brangelina.


Supreme Court launches career journey podcast to encourage top court hopefuls

For those considering applying, you can listen to the other Justices speaking about their career path and why they applied to become a Justice, as well as sharing insights into what the application process felt like and what advice they would give someone considering applying.


McFarlane alarmed by weekend demand for skeleton arguments

"It is plain that the system is at present running low in terms of the personal reserves of the human beings who work within it. "


Is it possible to divorce 'well' during a lockdown?

"Having the right team behind you is invaluable for a lockdown divorce, when you’ll need more support than ever."

We couldn't have said it better


UK’s top court could soon have just one woman judge

Something to think on for retaining diversity.
"The UK Supreme Court could be left with just one woman judge in a few months’ time, risking a reversal of progress on diversity on the bench, campaigners have warned."


A shock is in store for international divorcing couples

As per this FT Adviser article: A shock is in store for international divorcing couples. Brexit may pose some difficulties for parties in international divorce.