As a boutique law firm, we are always excited when the rankings for the Legal 500 and Chambers are announced in September and October each year.

About the Legal 500 UK and Chambers & Partners UK

The Legal 500 and Chambers and Partners are guides to the best lawyers and law firms in the UK (and beyond). Both guides can award ranking to individuals and firms. These prestigious rankings are awarded after extensive and independent research by the guides during the previous 9 months. The guides' researchers interview professional colleagues and clients to assess each firm, and publish selections of unique feedback from those interviewed.


The Legal 500

For 2022, LGFL Ltd maintain their excellent position as a Tier 3 Leading Firm in the Thames Valley, Berks, Oxon, and M4/M40 region. In addition, Directors Rita Gupta and Anne Leiper continue to be ranked as Recommended Lawyers.

For LGFL Ltd as a firm, the Legal 500 UK 2022 guide says:

"A well-regarded boutique family law firm based in Reading that ‘operates a sleek and professional service, with excellent client care’. The team’s work encompasses both complex Children Act proceedings and high-net-worth divorces, co-led by firm founders Rita Gupta and Anne Leiper, who ‘make a formidable team’. Gupta, who covers all areas of family law, is ‘a highly experienced and capable lawyer with a lovely way with clients‘ whilst the ‘tenacious’ Leiper spearheads the firm’s collaborative law and mediation activities."

This year, the testimonials for the firm are just amazing - thanks to all who sung our praises so highly!

"A quality boutique firm. LGFL specialises only in family law and have a formidable reputation for this. They operate a sleek and professional service with exceptional client care."

"LGFL are a very human legal team, with doses of empathy but regimented professionalism. Through the many ups and downs, the team are honest, direct and forthright but understanding in what are sometimes very emotional, complicated and tricky times. They are open with what they can do or not and upfront with their billing and when it’s called for, state what is not chargeable or is to leave clarity in what can be baffling legal wrangling."

Directors Anne Leiper and Rita Gupta receive high praise both as a team and as individuals:

"Anne Leiper and Rita Gupta make a formidable team. They bring many years of experience to their cases. Both are superb at looking after their clients and guiding them through a difficult time in their lives. They consistently get excellent outcomes for their clients."

"Anne Leiper is a tenacious experienced matrimonial lawyer who is unfazed by taking on the big firms. She gives clear sensible advice and is a brilliant guide for clients in difficult circumstances."

"Rita Gupta is wonderful – she is a highly experienced and capable lawyer with a lovely way with clients. I would recommend her to others in a heartbeat."


You can read the whole entry at our Legal 500 page.

Chambers and Partners

The latest 2022 Chambers UK edition sees our Director-led boutique law firm retains its position as a Band 2 firm in Reading and surrounds for Family/Matrimonial law. Directors Anne Leiper and Rita Gupta retain their prized position as Band 3 Ranked Individuals

The guide describes LGFL as a:

"Boutique firm assisting clients with a broad range of family law issues. Acts on financial remedy matters, representing clients in both contentious and collaborative proceedings. Offers additional expertise in complex Children Act matters and abduction cases."

"A tenacious, robust and incredibly strategic team."

The Directors are described as:

 "Extremely meticulous in everything they do and their approach is client-orientated."

Anne Leiper is described as:

"A formidable lawyer. She is incredibly knowledgeable, particularly when it comes to family finance cases."

Rita is praised as she:

"Fights really hard for her clients. She's very engaged and active throughout a case ... Despite the ups and downs of the case she dealt with all manner of challenges, keeping a calm head and focusing on the best outcome."

Click to read the LGFL 2022 Chambers and Partners entry.


Once again, these guides and our rankings place LGFL and Directors Anne and Rita amongst the very best boutique law firms in the country.

Call us if you’d like to discuss your situation and how we might help.

Every autumn, two major publications rank lawyers in the UK through independently researched interviews with clients, partners and the firms themselves. The new Legal 50 ranking is due to be published on Weds 30 September 2020 with the Chambers and Partners listing announced in mid October 2020.

In this updated article, we share why these ranking, originally designed to help legal professionals, also help you find the expert, experienced and respected law firms for your divorce or family issue.


Choosing the right family law firm

Choosing the right law firm for your family law matter or divorce can be difficult, especially if you’ve not needed a lawyer before.

  • Personal recommendations are always good, but what if nobody in your circle of friends or family has used a solicitor recently? Or if they had a bad experience themselves?
  • You might opt to look at third party review sites, but how accurate are they and can you trust them?
  • With several legal firms to choose from in one given area, how do they compare one to the other?

This is where choosing a Legal 500 or Chambers listed law firm can help you decide who might be right for your case, before you even contact them.


What are the Legal 500 and Chambers?

The Legal 500 and Chambers are long-established, highly respected guides to the best law firms in the UK. Originally published in book form, both guides are now online and free for anyone to view at any time. They are used extensively by the legal profession and by the public to find the most suitable firm for a particular case prior to a meeting or instruction.

The directory section gives details of the firm. The editorial section is written by the guide, based on its extensive research (see below).

As Chambers and Partners explain:

“If you are buying legal services in the UK and need reliable and up-to-date recommendations on the best law firms and lawyers, (our) rankings and research will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.”

(Chambers and Partners)

Independent assessments that money can’t buy

These guides are independent, and no firm can simply buy inclusion. To be listed, the law firm must submit a very detailed application. This is then followed up by extensive research by the guide’s independent assessors. Only if the guides consider a law firm to be of the standards required will the firm be included.

“All editorial comments and listings are completely independent and no firm has been able to secure its inclusion within the editorial sections through payment.”

(Legal 500)

“Chambers identifies the best law firms globally, whether they are multi-national or boutique. We have evolved our process to accommodate as many top small and boutique firms for ranking consideration as possible.”

(Chambers and Partners)

View our rankings now

Click on the link to see LGFL’s listings on:

If you like what these guides say and wish to meet us for yourself, call us for an appointment or book your initial 1 hour consultation with free 30 minute included.


How UK law firms are researched

Both guides undertake extensive research to help them assess a firm.

The Legal 500 requests specific details of work from the firm itself, much of which is not available in the public domain. This is cross-referenced by in person or telephone interviews with specialist attorneys and key figures in the key areas the firm specialises in (family law and divorce in our case).

It’s an involved and in-depth process that takes up to six month or more, as

“Interviews are conducted by experienced journalists and researchers with a considerable depth of market knowledge.”

(Legal 500)

Chambers and Partners assess via a range of criteria including:

  • Technical legal ability
  • Client service
  • Commercial vision and business understanding
  • Diligence
  • Value for money
  • Depth of team

Client feedback

Both guides also contact a selection of our clients and business connections requesting their honest feedback on LGFL and the lawyers they have instructed, namely Rita or Anne. (We check clients are OK to be contacted in advance, of course.)


How law firms are ranked

Each ranks a law firm and their individual lawyers according to their performance, strengths and the quality of their work. Legal firms can achieve higher rankings through sustained growth, excellent customer service and high quality casework. The same applies to individual lawyers.


Legal 500 Ranking and Editorial

In the Legal 500 guide, legal firms such as ours are ranked within a geographical area against other firms. So, in the 2020 edition:

  • LGFL Ltd are a Tier 3 Private Client legal firm for the Thames Valley, Berks, Oxon, M4/M40 region (a vast area!). We entered at Tier 3 in our first ranking.
  • Both Rita and Anne are Recommended Lawyers.

In the 2020 edition, LGFL maintains its Tier 3 status as a Leading Firm in Family Law, and both Directors are once again Recommended Lawyers.

"Leiper Gupta Family Lawyers Ltd (LGFL Ltd)'s boutique, partner-led practice - which is known for providing a service 'on par with any of the top City family law firms' - is led by the 'insightful' and 'tenacious' Anne Leiper and Rita Gupta, who 'delivers a "Rolls-Royce" service'. The firm, which was established in 2008, works with 'well-heeled, high net worth clients' seeking assistance in contentious family and private child law matters, as well as advising on divorce proceedings and complex financial arrangements."

The testimonials that the Legal 500 researched from our clients are exceptional - find them in full on our LGFL Legal 500 profile page.

Chambers and Partners Ranking and Editorial

In Chambers and Partners, legal firms are ranked within the geographical area of Reading and surrounds, and in the category Family/Matrimonial, which is more specific than just Private Client.

In the 2020 edition:

  • LGFL Ltd is a Band 2 legal firm.
  • Rita Gupta is a Recognised Practitioners.

Here’s how Chambers and Partners describe us for 2020:

One client comments: "The partners have complementary skills and a great personal touch, making them easy to work with," adding: "They listen to you and respond." Another client adds: "The whole team is very helpful and friendly, and its service has been very good throughout the matter."


Only the best are included

Many law firms apply year after year to these guides before they might be finally accepted and included. We were thrilled that we were accepted by both guides at our first submission, and have been included in subsequent editions since 2017.

So, when you choose a listed law firm like LGFL or individual lawyer such as Rita or Anne, the guides have already done the hard work of researching us, assessing our strengths, and ranking us in our respective fields and geographical areas.


New 2021 editions launch dates

The new editions of each guide will be launched on the following dates:

Legal 500 - Weds 23rd September 2020

Chambers and Partners – week of 12th October 2020

Click on the links after these dates to see our new 2021 rankings and editorial.

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Generation 'Z' likely to demand prenup - survey

The YouGov survey shows that Generation Z are indeed more pragmatic about marriage and preparing before with a pre-nups appears to be on the rise.

Interested in creating a #prenuptial agreement? We can advise on the process call us on 01189 735521


Legal500 and Chambers Rankings 2020 for LGFL

In a flurry of activity, both the Legal 500 and Chambers issue their new 2020 editions in a two week period. It’s an exciting time for LGFL Ltd, as we’ve risen up in the rankings in Chambers and have a truly amazing write-up in the Legal 500.


What are the Legal 500 and Chambers guides?

Just to remind you, the Legal 500 UK and Chambers UK are guides to the best lawyers and law firms. Rankings can be awarded to both individuals and firms, and are based on extensive and independent research by the guides themselves. Researchers contacts colleagues and clients to assess us on various criteria, and get unique feedback from those whom we have worked with.


The Legal 500

The Legal 500 ranks firms in tiers according to their location, and individual lawyers by their status within their specialist areas. So, for the 2020 guide:


LGFL Ltd is a Tier 3 Leading Firm in Family Law for the region Thames Valley, Berks, Oxon, M4/M40. The guide says:

“(The) boutique, partner-led practice - which is known for providing a service 'on par with any of the top City family law firms' - is led by the 'insightful' and 'tenacious' Anne Leiper and Rita Gupta, who 'delivers a "Rolls-Royce" service'. The firm, which was established in 2008, works with 'well-heeled, high net worth clients' seeking assistance in contentious family and private child law matters, as well as advising on divorce proceedings and complex financial arrangements.”

The testimonials are so heartening for the firm:

“A strong contender to the bigger/more commercial firms in/around Reading and Hampshire. Clients receive a very high standard of service, and the two founding partners there are very hands-on and responsive (unlike many other bigger firms).”


Both Anne Leiper and Rita Gupta maintain their coveted positions as Recommended Lawyers. Our two Directors receive high praise too:

“Rita Gupta is highly skilled and commercially minded - she delivers a slick, "Rolls-Royce" service.”

“Anne Leiper fights tooth and nail for her clients and no stone is left unturned.”

You can read the whole entry at our Legal 500 page.

Chambers and Partners

Chambers ranks departments within a law firm in Bands within their location, and individual lawyers by their status within their specialist areas. It’s a bit confusing, as a lawyer and a firm can be in a Band, and a firm can be a Recognised Practitioner!

For the 2020 edition:


LGFL Ltd is ranked in Chambers and has risen from Band 3 to Band 2 in the specialist category of Family/Matrimonial for Reading and surrounds. The guide notes our expertise in ‘cases involving cross-border arrangements’, and ‘complex Children Act matters’.

Testimonials for the firm include:

"The partners have complementary skills and a great personal touch, making them easy to work with.”


Anne Leiper maintains her position as a listed individual, whilst Rita Gupta rises to become a Recognised Practitioner.

These awards place LGFL and our Directors amongst the very best in the country, as the UK Legal 500 says ‘on (a) par with any of the top City family law firms’. As a director-led boutique family law firm, we are very proud to be ranked with the best of the best.

Call us if you’d like to discuss your situation and how we might help.