LGFL Locations

Do you remember your business’s first office? The thrill of opening the door on a new space, and making it your own? That tingle of excitement when the newly connected phone rang for the first time?

We do! At LGFL Ltd, we’ve always wanted our office spaces to reflect our company values of friendly professionalism, privacy and pragmatism. We could have opted for sleek, City-style offices, but instead we valued the discretion, calming aspect and private parking of our various country house locations. Due to expansion, we’re on our third period property office suite in 10 years!

However, we do know that not everyone has the time or ability to come to our offices in Swallowfield, how ever lovely they are. So we looked for a solution that gave those working in central Reading or commuting to London an option to see us when it suited them best.

BUT, and it was a big BUT, that location needed to be discreet as well as accessible.

That’s why we chose Spaces at Reading. It’s a busy office building with shared areas divided into meeting zones. Here you can meet, have a coffee and be part of a crowd of professionals doing exactly the same thing.

So why is this discreet? As the saying goes, there’s safety in numbers.

  • Nobody there knows who you are meeting, or why.
  • That person opposite you might be a web designer, an accountant, a prospective client or just a friend.
  • Your conversation is private yet also relaxed, just one of so many happening in the building.

This is a new initiative for us, but so far, clients who have met us have raved about Spaces. They like the easy access, the relaxed ambience, the flexible timings - and the excellent coffee!

If you work in Reading, why not meet us at Spaces. Just call us or book a 30-minute consultation, and we’ll do the rest.