What’s changed at LGFL – and what’s not changed! The personal touch a boutique firm offers

Question mark - who's who at LGFL

Like many companies post lockdown, we’ve been having a good think about our firm’s structure and the way we do business. As a result, we’ve re-organised ourselves, making it easier to work remotely AND together, according to changing requirements. That also applies to how we meet you, when you book an appointment.


Virtual or in person - your choice

When our offices were closed, we found that working remotely and using video conferencing really suited many of our clients. They liked the convenience of talking from the privacy of their own home, and not having to venture out into a city centre.

We can now welcome you back at our main offices in Wyvols Court, or at our new base in central Reading at Davidson House, Regus, Forbury Square. Both locations are COVID-compliant, and in line with the latest guidance.

  • We have a clear screen between us
  • Hand sanitizer is available on on entry and exit
  • Desk and door handles are sanitized for each new visitor
  • We can wear a mask if you are more comfortable with this


New titles, same team!

We have also made it clearer who does what at LGFL, but rest assured, our new job titles won’t make any difference to the exceptional level of service we offer you. We are first and foremost uniquely experienced family lawyers specialising in complex divorce cases involving children.

Rita Gupta is now Managing Director and Marketing Director, reflecting her talents in driving our firm forward through innovative marketing and strategic planning. She is in charge of the Reading office at Davidson House, where she will be based for some of her week.

Anne Leiper is now Finance Director, Compliance Officer and Training Supervisor. She will oversee our main office in Wyvols Court. That may appear a lot of jobs for one person, but in fact it frees her time more to concentrate on her expertise in financial settlements and mediation services.

Anna Meyrick-Jones is being trained and working towards becoming our Admin Manager, reflecting her increasing role in running our back-end office and day-to-day functions.

This is because we’re delighted to announce that our current Admin Manager Gill Gillings is to train as a solicitor through the CILEX scheme, building on her existing degree after a career break to spend time with her children. Gill will train alongside her current role here at LGFL until she qualifies in two years’ time.

Amy Bartlett rejoins us this summer to resume her internship - and we’re delighted to see her back! Amy joins a long list of talented interns whose energy, enthusiasm and eagerness have contributed so much to LGFL over the years. She also offers the invaluable perspective of a younger generation, which keeps us on our toes!


The ‘hidden team’ at LGFL

We have always firmly believed in supporting local and SME suppliers for the skills we need but don’t have ourselves in-house. This includes our social media and marketing team Invaluable Resource, our virtual PA Christelle Thompson, our accountants, our IT crew, and our web designer (who was local originally but then moved to Canada!).


Meet the team blog series

We’ll be profiling the LGFL ‘dream team’ over the next few months, so you can get to know us a little better. You can also watch useful tips and advice from LGFL Directors Rita and Anne at our YouTube channel videos, and listen to Rita’s podcast “The Modern Family Lawyer.”

If you’d like to discuss any matter of family law, call us and book an appointment. Your initial 1-hour meeting with us includes 30 minutes free, so we’ll have plenty of time to discuss your particular circumstances and concerns.