Town and Country: why city law firms are not always the best choice for you

It’s an image we’re all familiar with from films and TV; the slick City law firm, the sharp suits, the shiny briefcases, the deals and counter-deals. It all looks very glamorous – and expensive.
In truth, the UK legal systems rely much more on the work of highly experienced, locally-based lawyers acting on behalf of clients who are simply trying to resolve problems and issues that affect them and their families. It may not be the stuff of Hollywood, but it’s what keeps our society as fair and balanced as we can make it.


Warbrook-House-WinterAt Leiper Gupta Family Lawyers, we took a conscious decision not to base ourselves in an urban setting such as the centre of Reading, Basingstoke or the outskirts of London. To us, it was important that our offices were accessible to a wide range of local clients, as well as providing an alternative to clients based further afield.

Eversley in Hampshire provided just the right balance of easy access and countryside setting; on the borders of Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire, within easy reach of both the M3 and M4, and for our clients based overseas, just 30 minutes from Heathrow too. Many of our clients live locally and need legal help at various points in their lives, and we want to be right nearby to help.


Our rural setting in the grounds of Warbrook House provides a quiet environment, away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Our clients remark how much more relaxed they feel when visiting us, without the worry of town traffic and parking problems. As a result, they can arrive for meetings calmer and able to concentrate on the issues at hand.

Our country setting is therefore highly conducive to collaborative law and mediation, offering couples and other parties a pleasant, stress-free ‘neutral territory’ to meet and work out agreements. With the help of our trained mediator, Anne Leiper, we have had considerable success in helping couples and families avoid the stress, trauma and costs of court proceedings.

Most of all, we find, as experienced lawyers previously based in major cities, we can work better here too! We have light, airy offices where we can work in peace and quiet, yet with full access to all the professional and legal resources we need to help clients. We can welcome clients to the offices without having to rearrange desks, because we have invested in sufficient office space for present and future needs.

If you’d like to experience our blend of country setting and City skills, call us for an appointment.