LGFL Ltd: Valuing your privacy


Anne Leiper discusses how we ensure your privacy throughout your legal process.


At LGFL, we value our clients' privacy, and we take a number of steps to ensure that is as protected as it can be.

Point number one

At the very beginning we do enhanced conflict checks. This is to ensure that we know of any third party's involvement, including new partners. This ensures we are fully aware, and that there is no breech of confidentiality.

Point Number two

We always ensure there is an adequate time gap between our clients' appointments, so there is no risk of crossover. Any chance of crossover, parties are put into separate waiting areas. So you're not going to bump into your next door neighbour, and know that you've been here.

Point number three

We always advise that emails are checked for confidentiality before you give them to us to use. We always recommend never to use a work email address, and change passwords on your existing emails, or even set up a new email account, to ensure that nobody else has access.

Point number four.

We have two discreet office locations. Our Wyvols Court office is in a discreet country location, where lots of businesses are based. And similarly, our Reading office in Spaces is also full of other businesses. So nobody knows which office you're coming to see.

Please do not hesitate to call us for an appointment if we can help you.