What divorcees really think

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The Guardian recently invited readers of their website to share their experiences of divorce, “The sad moments, the surprises, and even the spots of levity.”


The responses were, as you might expect, very varied, but Partner Rita Gupta picks out the ones that touched her most.


"While I was totally knocked sideways by my husband’s unexpected departure, I came to realise that the situation presented an opportunity for me to focus on me and my own dreams. … My divorce has allowed me to arrive in my own life – and stay here comfortably with a smile on my face and a sense of gratefulness for my health, my happiness and my dream.” — Edna

It’s important to remember why you get divorced in the first place isn’t just to extract yourself from one situation, but to then move on to another, better situation. Enda’s experience really does show that life after divorce can be more about ‘you’, and less about ‘us’.


“I fought for as long as I could and tried to be the ‘patient wife’ and uphold those vows we’d taken. But I told him to leave if he didn’t love me. He did.” — Anonymous

When the end comes, it’s sometimes hard to make the break, whether you’re the one who walks out or closes the door. At LGFL, we are firmly in your corner, and we will ensure you get the best divorce possible for you and your circumstances.


“It’s the ‘admin’ side of things you don’t tend to think about when big life changes happen. Telling people about what’s happened is admin. … For a very long time, every conversation I had was exactly the same, and I felt as though I was being constantly tiptoed around. I’d have quite liked it if somebody had just told me a joke.” — Nina

We always say that the one thing you need in a divorce, apart from a good lawyer, is a good friend. Having someone to talk to who is prepared sometimes to give a different viewpoint can bring perspective to what can be a very introspective time.


“I think there's a common assumption that women are the ones who suffer most from a divorce and that a man's actions are more often the cause of the divorce. That didn't happen with me…I divorced my wife. I suffer from depression now. I lost a lot of money, my house and only get to see my kids every other weekend. I pay a king's ransom to my ex in child maintenance, despite her earning more than I.” - MysteriousSgtWilko

“My wife left me a few days after our 1 year anniversary, as she had been having an affair … I hated dealing with it enough, the loneliness and empty feeling and feeling of rejection is awful enough without workmates or colleagues assuming it was because of something I had done - because as a man people assume you are the unfaithful one.”  - TheNatural81

“I was married once. Never again. I would never subject my assets to the hormonal vagaries of a marriage.”  - Phil Green

At LGFL, we always work for the best interests of you, our client, whether you are male or female. We recognise that men do sometimes get a rough ride in divorce through no fault of their own, and we work to ensure that doesn’t happen to our gentlemen clients. Our aim is fairness; fairness to you, your children, your assets, your income, and your future.


“Sometimes both parties can be caught by surprise when divorce occurs. Neither can see it coming. But often there are so many disconnects that it is an inevitability. However what is important is how people move on and become happier people. I know couples who have divorced, and both have moved to magnificently better places.” - johnwluk

How true! Your happiness is important!


So, if you’re unhappy in your current marriage, and just want to explore options, call us for a free, no obligation 30 minute consultation. We’ll discuss your particular circumstances, and assess what course of action would be best.


Should you decide to move forward with a divorce, then we can move swiftly and professionally to make it happen. If not, we will be happy knowing you’ve had the best legal advice and that your decision is made with up to date knowledge of what divorce entails.