What is collaborative Law?


Anne Leiper explains the benefits of collaborative law for you and your family.


Hello, I'm Anne Leiper from LGFL, and I want to explain to you how the collaborative family law process can help you and your family.

I'm a specially trained collaborative family lawyer. The process involves that each of you would have your own specialist collaborative lawyer by your side throughout the process.

It involves four-by-four-way meetings. That means that everybody is in the room together. You with your solicitor, collaborative lawyer, your former partner, with their solicitor, collaborative lawyer.

Consequently, all of the discussions are heard by everyone. It's therefor a very immediate, direct and powerful process. And it's specifically tailored to you and your family's needs. It's a very safe environment for the discussions to take place.

Additionally, whilst you're going through the process, both of you agree that you will not start court proceedings.

If you think that this is a process that can help you and your family, then please do give me a call.