Who pays for my divorce?

It’s a question we get asked frequently here at LGFL. Partner Anne Leiper explains the fixed costs and how the final costs depends on the approach you take.


DIY Divorce costsYour Fixed Costs are Your Court Fees


Usually, the person starting the divorce pays the Court fee, which is currently £550. If you receive divorce paperwork from the court and you didn’t initiate it, you have two options:
  • You can agree to the divorce, complete the paperwork and return it to the Court, but you may be responsible for sharing the divorce costs
  • You can defend (contest) the divorce for a Court fee of £245 and solicitor’s fees
Many DIY divorce kits simply give you instructions for filling out these forms, and promote the fact that this is all you will pay. However, the truth is that divorces are often complex, and saving money by not employing a family law specialist at this point and going the DIY route can cost you dearly further down the line.


Seek professional advice before you divorce

The time to seek professional legal advice is much earlier than many people imagine. Don’t wait until your marriage is at breaking point, as you won’t think clearly and may sign a divorce paper just to get things over and done with. Instead, consider your options with a specialist family law firm such as LGFL Ltd. We’ll help you sort out the best way to proceed for you, your family and your spouse – call us for details.


The best settlement possible

Seeking professional advice also pays dividends in sorting out complex and intertwined financial affairs. The division of such valuable assets as the family home, stock and shares, and especially pensions will require professional input to prevent one party benefitting much more than another.

Remember, a financial settlement is designed to reach a final financial solution, though sometimes there can be ongoing maintenance claims. As many a wealthy divorcee who has hopefully gone back to court for more has discovered, once a settlement is made, it’s pretty much made for life. It will take considerable time and energy to try and persuade the Court to intervene, over-rule and allocate extra funds, with no guarantee of success.


Invest now to secure your family’s future

A divorce can be very costly in terms of time too. If you’re busy trying to negotiate the finer details of a financial settlement, it can seriously eat into your work time or family time. At LGFL, we can take on all aspects of your financial settlement, to free your time to run your own business or do your job properly. We’ll keep you informed of progress and of the major details of your case, but not bother you with processes and details you don’t need to worry about.


LGFL divorce services

At LGFL, we aim to make our divorce services as cost-effective as possible. This means we aim to deliver true value to you from our input, whether in the form of a better financial settlement, a more amicable divorce than anticipated through pre-court mediation, a properly organised shared child care arrangement, or just a divorce that doesn’t constantly drag you away from your job or running your business.


For all your divorce requirements, call us to book your free 30-minute consultation, available to those living within 30 mile radius of our offices in Eversley near Reading. This no-obligation meeting is your chance to meet us and see if we are the kind of family lawyers you’d like on your side during a divorce case.  Call us now, or send us an email.